Why Business and IT Strategy Should Always Be in Alignment

With few exceptions, most positions in an organization of any size will feel the effects of I.T. The hope would be that that the goals of the business and the goals of I.T. would run parallel, however, that is not always the case. A lack of alignment between business and I.T. strategies can be a nuisance at best, but at worst, it can lead to great divide within a company and have lasting negative effects.  

Let’s dive into different conflicts that can take place when business and I.T. strategies don’t align and the significance of why it is vital for a company to merge the two department goals.  

Causes of I.T. and Business Strategy Conflicts 

How do disconnects happen? In many situations, the disconnects can be traced back to 4 categories:  

  • I.T. is seen as a cost center instead of an important investment  
  • Leadership in I.T. does not fully understand the business needs of a company and fails to provide the proper tools, equipment, or procedures 
  • Business Managers do not want funds to be invested in modern technology 
  • I.T. decision makers lack consideration of business impacts 

A lack of synergy between business and I.T. decision makers is a dangerous path to walk as both parties need to understand that the others goals and objectives are equally important and alignment or lack thereof, can lead to either the success or failure of a business.  

What are the Benefits of Aligning IT Strategy and Business Strategy? 

Alignment of business and I.T. strategies means that a company must be willing to invest in new and innovative approaches. Both sides must remain open minded to the other’s overall objective to reach a conclusion that benefits the business as a whole. Below are some of the benefits that a business can expect when I.T. and business strategies are in sync: 

An Improved Ability to Compete and Stay Relevant 

With the correct technology in place, businesses have the potential to improve accuracy, improve customer satisfaction, automate processes, and utilize data in more effective manners. It’s integral to a company’s success to have their finger on the current pulse.  

I.T. Investments increase ROI 

It’s common for small businesses to have limited resources. Due to this, it’s extremely important that any investment made in I.T. gives them a satisfactory value in return. When there is alignment in company objectives, I.T. investments can confidently be made to ensure growth, satisfaction, and profit throughout the company.  

Fewer Issues in Deploying Technology 

Often, I.T. updates are made out of necessity. For example, computers must be updated or replaced as they reach the end of their lifecycle or start to present security issues. Unfortunately, these changes are sometimes deployed without communication or consideration for the impact they can have on various parts of the business. 

For those that have experienced a loss of productivity or other variations of downtime after an I.T. upgrade, this problem can be frustrating at best and lead to loss of business at worst. Fortunately, these frustrations can be minimized when upgrades are deployed with proper communication. It’s best for there to be consistent communication between business and I.T. leaders to ensure proactive actions can be taken instead of costly reactive measures. 

Removing Roadblocks to I.T. and Business Strategy Alignment 

The biggest roadblock to building a cooperative relationship between I.T. and other areas of a business stems from a lack of buy-in from stakeholders. 

I.T. executives must understand the importance of technological investments that work with overall company goals. Additionally, it is imperative for business leaders to effectively communicate their needs, objectives, and strategies so that IT departments can provide proper support and make suggestions along the way. 

Unfortunately, these changes can be difficult to implement if there are communication breakdowns. All parties within a company should be working to keep business goals and needs front of mind. 

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