6 Benefits of Cloud Computing Software

Cloud computing has been around for quite some time now, however, there are still many organizations that are operating without it despite data showcasing that cloud computing has many benefits that shouldn’t be ignored. A recent study by Dell reports that companies that invest in cloud, security, and mobility can yield up to 53% faster revenue growth than the competition. With this in mind, many savvy organizations are recognizing that implementing a cloud computing software will only help them with their business goals to increase employee productivity, be more efficient, and increase overall profit margins. 

1. Distance Doesn’t Matter

Thanks to Zoom, Office 365, Google Suite, and other platforms, your entire office can work on a project or show presentations on each coworker’s computer from anywhere in the world. 

Google Docs allows participants to edit a document simultaneously, complete with color coding and labeling to see who’s typing. Working on a project with a client in Hong Kong and want to bring in a collaborator in London? As long as everyone’s willing to be awake in different time zones, you can do it.

2. It’s Secure

Having data on the cloud can feel less secure than just printing out the information and storing it in a locked drawer. But look at it this way. You backup your data to multiple storage devices to ensure it doesn’t get lost, right? 

Cloud storage not only keeps your data from getting lost but also lets people with appropriate access make real-time changes that can be seen by all users, rather than needing to update data on multiple drives.

Cloud-based software, at least from top providers, is highly secure these days. In fact, securing data in the cloud is more on the shoulders of the user. Setting specific role-based access, using data encryption while uploading and downloading, and never leaving the settings at default all work to keep information safe.

3. You Get More Backups

Speaking of backups, cloud computing isn’t just awesome for collaboration; it’s an extra storage space, too. Cloud-based software such as Dropbox can store terabytes of information at extremely low cost, especially if the storage is only temporary. 

A year of Dropbox storage will be far cheaper than purchasing an equivalent backup hard drive, and since the data is stored on the cloud, there’s no need to go retrieve a backup hard drive from a physical location; just re-download the cloud-stored data and get back to work.

4. It Scales

There are space considerations at every stage when creating a physical office building. Can you expand in the current space when new employees are added on? Can your IT infrastructure handle more workers? 

Another of the excellent cloud advantages is that no matter how many or how few employees you have, cloud-based software grows and contracts with you.

Let’s say you have 100 employees, and you use Google Suite for real-time collaboration. Google Suite works the same whether you fire 90 or hire another 900. In many cases, you don’t even need to purchase more permissions or get pricier packages for your cloud-based software.

5. It’s More Economical

Because the software scales with your business, you don’t pay for features you don’t use.

Also, you’re not having to store the software on your workstations, taking up time with installs and compatibility woes, nor do you have to maintain a server with the software stored on it. The cloud-based software is sitting on another computer somewhere else in the world.

6. It Improves Data Analysis

Because the software is hosted elsewhere and users simply access it from their own machines, the software can provide insights that wouldn’t be possible if each division downloaded the software for themselves and worked in isolation. 

Let’s say your company had an Etsy shop or Reverb.com account. These are seller sites that can provide you with analytical data regarding sales of similar items to help you with your marketing strategy. Perhaps you could see that certain items sell poorly, and that could lead you to revise your product line.

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